Bellota PRO65 Pro Tile Cutter with Hard Case, 28″ Reviews

Bellota PRO65 Pro Tile Cutter with Hard Case, 28″

  • For heavy-duty use: cut any ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Max tile length: 28-Inches, Max tile thickness: .6-Inch
  • Reinforced aluminum rail bar supports
  • Built-in cutting guide
  • Equipped with replaceable #6 and #10 tungsten carbide cutting wheels

The Bellota PRO65 Pro Tile Cutter with Hard Case, 28-Inch is perfect for all tile cutting needs. Features TOOL HOLDER: Reinforced with inner steel shaft for maximum strength. Built-in stops secure scoring wheel assembly to tool holder, prevent it from falling. GUIDE SYSTEM: Maximum scoring smoothness, precision and durability with advanced metal alloy slide assembly and extra-wide, self-lubricating bushings. Round rail bars made of chrome-plated solid steel for maximum wear resistance, smooth glide and scoring precision. BREAKING SYSTEM: Powerful breaking mechanism lets you progressively apply force to separate tile. CONSTRUCTION: Reinforced aluminum supports with extra-wide, double-anchored base for maximum strength. BREAKING PADS: Reinforced steel T-shaped breaker for maximum cutting power. SCORING WHEEL: Adjustable and quickly adapt to different tile thicknesses. STABILITY: Unique base with aluminum frame and steel surface for easy tile positioning and cleaning. GUIDE: Metal cutting guide makes repetitive and 45° cuts easier. ERGONOMICS: Designed for left or right hand use. Independent separator lever conveniently located outside the guide bars lets you finish cuts without retracting scoring assembly. Patent Pending.

List Price: $ 332.39

Price: $ 245.81

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