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Driving The Train – Passengers To The Train – Multicamera – Holmenkollbanen – Sky tracks

The Holmen runway opened again
His Majesty The King reopened the Holmenkollbaan today. The track has been closed for upgrading since June 2009, but now it is ready to carry the public to the events in Holmenkollen during the World Championships on skiing in 2011.

The line is now designed for the new MX3000 rolling stock, with a power supply via a power rail and a new Holmenkollen station designed for 6-carriageway.

The first trip
King Harald was welcomed by Mayor Fabian Stang at Majorstuen Station, and the trip from Majorstuen to Holmenkollen went with a new carriage lane.

Among the many invited guests, Berit Okkenhaug was also a passenger on this trip. It was she who sat next to King Olav when he took the Holmen Runway in 1973 – King Olav was skiing in Nordmarka during the oil crisis. 37 years later, she had a royal company on the same trip.

Tradition in Kollen
Correctly the king met the Holmenkoll march when the track arrived at Holmenkollen station. It was traditional Kamp Janitsjar who had taken a stand on the platform.

The king received a brief briefing before taking the official opening. The opening ceremony was initiated with talks by the mayor and representatives of the tramway. Jo Nesbø stood for the musical, first with the “90 meter hill” and later with “Skating rider Erik Vea”.

King Harald was served traditional Kollen menu with sausages and waffles. The guests also got cocoa to warm up in winter-calling Holmenkollen.

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