FIAT 131 ABARTH RALLY 137 BHP 190 KM Camera Onboard Hillclimb Stretch Moya Spain HD

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The Fiat 131 Abarth Rally is a version prepared by Abarth of the sedan Fiat 131 , built between 1976 and 1978 in 400 specimens.

The Abarth Rally was born from the need to replace the long-lived 124 Abarth Rally , at the beginning of the seventies had reached the end of his racing career. In his long militancy in the World Rally Championship , the 131 Abarth was able to win three world manufacturers , a FIA Drivers’ Cup and a world championship , all between ’76 and 1982 . [1]

In ’82 the 131 Supermirafiori 2000 Volumetric Abarth will replace the 131 Abarth with regard to series production, but not in the racing world.

Before you decide to proceed with the development of a racing car on the base 131, the ‘ Abarth had already developed a prototype coupe from the X1 / 9 . When the order came to stop the project, Bertone was ready the production of the 500 needed for approval in Group 4. Featuring an eye-catching snorkel on the hood, the X1 / 9 prototype took part in the automobile Tour of Italy of 1974 under the leadership of Clay Regazzoni .

Then it abandoned the idea of a car on the basis X1 / 9, and with the need to find an heir to the 124 Abarth Rally , the Fiat assigned the task of developing its new weapon for competition road engineers of the ‘ Abarth , and it is in 1975 that appeared the first processor based on the Fiat 131 two-door.

It is the prototype Fiat 031 Abarth that, apart from the lines of the body, has little to do with the 131 Series: the engine is the 3.2 V6 of 130 with cubic capacity increased to 3,481 cc and fed by three carburettors Weber ; the power reaches 270 hp at 6,800 r / min, which allows the 031 to touch 260 km / h, and the gearbox is a ZF five-speed transaxle . The design was taken care of by the Centro Stile Bertone in Caprie . In the hands of Giorgio Pianta , this prototype won the Tour of Italy in 1975, and the experience gained with it will be crucial for the development of future 131 Abarth Rally

With a wealth of experience nurtured in previous years, the dell’Abarth engineers then went to work on the 131 2-door sedan. First you decide to lighten the body which was much heavier than its competitors in the synthetic resin, the material that is chosen to replace doors, hoods and fenders; then they are added to the wheel arches, to accommodate tires Pirelli P7 195/40 VR15, and large spoiler to ensure the necessary downforce; the large air intakes on the hood and sides shall instead the needs of cooling of the mechanical parts. It amended the Abarth Rally retains only the pace of the production vehicle with respect to which is shorter, lower and wider.

The engine is a brand new in-line four-cylinder engine that has some points of contact with that of the Fiat 132 and Lancia Beta and only partially exploits the previous experience with the 124 Abarth Rally. Unpublished is also the architecture of the cylinder head in light alloy which, together with the classical distribution at two trees in the head, presents, for the first time on a series of Fiat, the four valves per cylinder. Power is supplied to a double-barrel carburetor Weber. The transmission is a five-speed with front engagement, allows you to change quickly and accurately, so there are three gear ratios and eight axle ratios. Also particular the suspension layout that before mirroring those of 131 standard and behind are more similar to those of the X1 / 9.

From the beginning, the project of the Abarth Rally was to serve as a basis for processing intended for use agonistic and 400 road cars were required for homologation in Group 4 version of the Corsa .

The changes to which she was subjected the road version were quite substantial and transformed it into a very different machine from the one on sale in dealerships. +++++
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