Flushmate M-101526-F31 FM III 503 Pressure Assist tank less Handle for most OEM 2 piece toilets using Flushmate

Flushmate M-101526-F31 FM III 503 Pressure Assist tank less Handle for most OEM 2 piece toilets using Flushmate

Flushmate M-101526-F31 FM III 503 Pressure Assist tank less Handle for most OEM 2 piece toilets using Flushmate

  • For ALL OEMs except Kohler K 4404 tank and Gerber 28-385 tank ; CAUTION does NOT work in One-piece Fixtures ; Tank-to-Bowl Gasket
  • It does NOT fit 10 Inch rough-in tanks, only 12 Inch rough-in tanks. “Rough-in” refers to the distance from the wall to the bolts at the center of the drain.
  • ONLY used on model 503 Flushmate Systems 1.6 gpf tanks
  • Does not include Cartridge

Work Instruction: Replacement Instructions for Two Piece Flushmate Tanks
Products: Two Piece Toilet Applications (M-101XXX Models, Series: 501A, 501B, 503)
Turn off water at the supply stop. Flush the toilet to relieve water and air pressure from the Flushmate system. Disconnect water supply line from the supply shank and remove the lock nut that holds the supply shank in place. The supply shank protrudes from the bottom of the china tank on the left hand side.

If necessary, disconnect the Flushrod from the flush-handle linkage. Remove the screws that attach the Flushrod to the Flushmate and use them to attach the Flushrod to the new Flushmate.

Loosen the nuts on the bolts protruding from the underside of the toilet, below the china tank. These nuts should be loosened much like lug nuts on an automobile wheel; alternate between them instead of completely removing one at a time.

Once the nuts have been removed, lift the china tank straight up off of the bowl. Empty any residual water that may have accumulated in the china tank into the china bowl. Place the china tank down flat on its backside on a security location.

Remove the tank to bowl gasket (thick, spongy doughnut-type) from the Discharge Extension and unscrew large lock-nut on the bottom center of the china tank. A spanner wrench works well for this, but any tool that will spread to accommodate the 3 plastic locknut will work.

Slide the Flushmate system out of the china tank.

Place new tank to tank gasket (flat rubber gasket with ribs on one side) on new Flushmate with the ribs facing downward. Some tank to tank gaskets do not have ribs, installation of this gasket is universal. Slide the Flushmate system into the china tank. It’s best to insert the supply shank into the china tank first and than the Flushmate vessel.

Screw both lock-nuts onto the exposed threads (supply shank and discharge extension) on the bottom end of the china tank.

Place the tank to bowl gasket onto the exposed discharge extension and reattach tank to bowl.

Attach brass washers and hex nuts to each bolt (making sure you put the washers on before the hex nuts) and tighten securely. When tightening the tank to bowl nuts, use the alternating method while putting downward pressure on each side as you tighten the nuts on that side. In effect, you will be rocking the system in the direction of the nuts you are tightening. You must get the bolts tight enough to prevent any leakage (when flushed) between the tank and the bowl, but not so tight that you risk breaking the china.

Reattach water supply line to the supply shank and turn on the supply stop. Wait for Flushmate to set up (fill with water and stop cycling ) and flush the toilet. If the Flushmate doesn’t set up and water continues to run through it, you will need to adjust the cartridge and perhaps the actuator cap. See the owners manual for adjustment

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