Hezzel 08 Axis Noir Mortox Vulgata remixed Industrial Techno ELECTRONIC Music

Música libre de derechos de autor
Music copyright free


Está finalmente disponible para su descarga gratuita CC.

GENRES: Industrial Techno


LABEL:Enough Records

Latvian industrial / rhythmic noise project Hezzel delivers us this full length album free for download. If you like this work please buy his other album Purge, a physical CD also recently released through Strum.

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Música libre de derechos de autor
Music copyright free

Formed in 1972 Simon Mathewson has been making music with cheap synths, delays units and drum machines since the early 1990’s. The vast back catalogue of music he has produced spans genres and mixes styles including electronica, sound collage, spoken word and, more recently, pop songs.

He has been getting regular airplay on WFMU, In Memory of John Peel on Radio 23 and Resonance FM.

Video Rating: / 5

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