LEGO Master Builder Academy Set #20216 Robot & Micro Designer Reviews

LEGO Master Builder Academy Set #20216 Robot & Micro Designer

LEGO Master Builder Academy Set #20216 Robot & Micro Designer

  • LEGO® Master Builder Academy teaches techniques to design and build your own creations using the skills of LEGO Master Builders!

Master the Art of Creating your own Robots and Micro Models!

Create your own robots and micro models! Includes 2 separately packed bags of bricks each with a matching book. Find new and creative uses for even the smallest pieces in your collection with Microbuild Designer! And with Robot Designer, discover how to create some of the coolest robot and mech models around! Use the 5 techniques in this set to combine pieces to make your own amazing creations! This set includes:

• 6 designs – 3 Robot and 3 Micro designs. Build 2 models at a time, one from each theme!
• 63 official LEGO® building tips and techniques from the actual designers of the models
• Two 84-page Designer Handbooks teaching 5 LEGO Master Builder techniques
• Two LEGO MBA Level 1 Minifigures, each with a themed accessory build
• Learn more about Space Designer, Action Designer, Adventure Designer, and Invention Designer!

List Price: $ 99.50

Price: $ 147.99

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