Mamiya 7 II Black Camera Body Reviews

Mamiya 7 II Black Camera Body

Mamiya 7 II Black Camera Body

  • 6x7cm – The Ideal Format
  • 35mm Panoramic Adapter Kit
  • Automatic and Manual Control Metering
  • “Dark Slide” Curtain for Changing Lenses
  • Polaroid Capability

Mamiya 7 II / Mamiya 7 6×7 Rangefinder Camera The Mamiya 7 II now offers double exposure capability and choice of black or champagne finish with a restyling over the original Mamiya 7 model. Both cameras accept the 24x65mm, 35mm Panoramic adapter kit and all Mamiya 7 lenses including the latest 50mm f/4 superwide lens with optical finder. The Mamiya 7 II has high visibility frame lines in the focusing system so that the bright frame appears clearly in the rangefinder, even in the case of intense ambient light. Three strap lugs now make the camera easy to carry in either vertical and horizontal positions. The location of the cable release socket has been moved to the more accessible bottom-right side of the body. Like its predecessor, it is a quick on the draw camera that handles with 35mm ease. Additionally, it remains the most comprehensive system offering a range of options to fill the demands of serious professionals and aspiring 35mm enthusiasts alike. This camera is the only 6x7cm rangefinder system which features interchangeable lenses. With increased demand from pros and advanced 35mm shooters, the unique niche that the Mamiya 7 satisfies with a lightweight, compact 6×7 system is now replaced by an even more versatile model. Additionally, an optional Panoramic Adapter for 35mm film is available to create 24x65mm images with the MAMIYA 7 II, making this a dual-format camera by utilizing both the ideal 6x7cm format and the increasingly popular 24 x 65mm panoramic format (1:2.7 aspect ratio). Item Specifications: Product Description: Mamiya 7 II – rangefinder – medium Camera Type: Rangefinder Dimensions (WxDxH): 6.3 in x 2.6 in x 4.4 in Weight: 32.4 oz Camera Format: Medium Film Back Film Formats: Type 120, type 220 Exposure Range: 1/500 sec – 4 sec Film Advance: Manual Viewfinder: Real-image Timer Functions: Self timer Battery: 1 x battery – 4LR44


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