Rap Music (Compilation CD, 15 Tracks) Reviews

Rap Music (Compilation CD, 15 Tracks)

Rap Music (Compilation CD, 15 Tracks)

  • Rare Music

Rare Music ! 15 Tracks: Epmd – Strictly Business, Ultramagnetic MCŽs – Ease Back, Eazy-E. – We Want Eazy, Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew – Keep RisinŽ To The Top, Digital Underground – Underwater Rimes, Gucci Crew II – Sally, That Girl, KidŽn Play – Funhouse, Sir Mix-A-Lot – PosseŽ On Broadway, Two Live Crew – Move SomethinŽ, Ice Cube – Ill-Legal, Utfo – Split Personality, Ice T. – Ya DonŽt Quit, Chubb Rock With Howie Tee – Ya Bad Chubbs, Epmd – So What Cha SayinŽ, High Performance – HereŽs A Party Jam etc.


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