YayaCat Deep Sea Moving Sand Art Picture Sandscapes in Motion Office Desktop Art Decor Toys Mini Size Blue (7″×5″)

YayaCat Deep Sea Moving Sand Art Picture Sandscapes in Motion Office Desktop Art Decor Toys Mini Size Blue (7″×5″)

  • Made up of glass body,silver plastic frame,special sand,water,air bubbles.With Instructions inside the packing.
  • The soothing motion of sands can relieve stress, relax your eyes,cultivate patience.
  • Please follow instructions.It’s easy to form beautiful patterns like sea waves,peaks,mountains,layer upon layer.
  • Useful reminder:The main part is entire glass.It’s fragile!Keep away from toddlers.
  • Main part size:6.7″ X 5.35″(include frame)

Emergency brief:YayaCat sand pictures have our own STRICT STANDARDS and special anti-counterfeit packing which are different from other similar products.Any one who sold under our list is only just similar product but not the same at all.We don’t admit any other products sold under our list by any other sellers.

For one year,I cost no vigour in my product homepage,but concentrated on improving its quality.I have ever been disappointed,even have given up,and even have no heart to change my main picture(a picture of large size one,that hurt this item deeply.I got many negative reviews for this).Now,there has been breakthroughs in quality.I can consummate my homepage finally.
8-21-2016:Improved packing first time.
9-27-2016:Improved packing second time,no damage in shipping from then on.
1-15-2017:Replaced the thin holder.New holders may be bulky for mini size,but really sturdy.
3-20-2017:Began to make standard.It is really hard and difficult because it’s entire handmade!
8-25-2017:Standardized the gasvolume,and greatly improved the air tightness.
The next target:Standardize the sand weight.

Customer Service:Any quality problem(especially leaky condition,too much air inside it) please contact me immediately.I will be always at your service until you’re satisfied.

As its size goes larger and larger,the visual effect of sand picture will get better and better.
The mini size is the smallest size.It’s beautiful and funny but can’t be perfect.Just like trial version with quite a small error-tolerant rate(adapt to quite a narrow gasvolume range). It’s really hard to precisely control its gasvolume in producing but I have achieved it.
Medium size(8.66″×6.9″).It’s wonderful.Highly recommend it for desk decor.
Large size(12″×9.84″).It’s perfect.With quite a high error-tolerant rate.You will be shaken by its effect each time you flip it over.(I’m so sorry for that it is out of stock.)

List Price: $ 17.80

Price: $ 17.80

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